On February 3, from our home base in southeastern Arizona, Carousel Trails is heading out to South Carolina, which is the country’s leading peach producer! We will have two of the slots filled onboard leaving Arizona, with pending pickups along the route. It’ll depend on paperwork being done on time. We do not haul without the needed paperwork in proper order.

On the way east, we’re going through New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia. Horse hauling is not only a great way to see this beautiful country and meet the sellers, buyers, trainers, and their equine (we haul donkeys and mules too) it’s also a living, moving geography lesson.

Since Christmas, this is the third trip to the Palmetto State. With that kind of popularity there and back, we’re making a run to the Carolinas a regular monthly route.

In either direction – eastbound or westbound – we can run along almost any combination of I-10, I-20, I-30 or I-40. Keep that in mind if you need horses hauled.

Remember, Carousel Trails does not subcontract. If you contract with Carousel Trails, you will get Ian Macdonald, the owner & driver, hauling for you.

Contact us for a quote and to secure a slot for your horse!