Situated between Dallas City Hall and the Omni hotel, there is a herd of Texas Longhorns being watched over by cowboys. This is Pioneer Plaza. At the top of a rocky outcrop, a cowboy sits on his horse watching as the herd makes its way down to a watering hole. These are life-size bronze statues that look very life-like!

Meandering down the path are dozens of longhorns. They are all a little different and the details are amazing.  Each, frozen in motion, looks to be carefully choosing its footing. At the watering hole, you will find a group crossing and one has stopped for a drink. Then there is the one that got away but an eagle-eyed cowboy on his trusty steed is in pursuit.

Take the time for an up-close look at the herd families. This is the perfect photo opportunity – where else would you be able to safely lean on a longhorn with your loved ones?

When you are in Dallas, Texas I encourage you to take a break and wander through Pioneer Plaza on Young Street in downtown Dallas. You’ll find it just off Interstate 30 or 35-E.