Carousel Trails recently had the honor to transport a very special horse. Pinsapo was a Cavalia show horse and it was time for him to retire from the show. He had been with the show for 8 years and had performed in almost every show during those years and now was his time to “just be a horse”.

When a Cavalia horse retires they are offered for adoption to one of the staff that has worked with them. Pinsapo was adopted by a young lady, Shonna, who had been his groom for several years and now lives in California wine country. Pinsapo is a big grey Andalusian Dressage horse that has travelled the world with Cavalia and was destined to live in wine country.

When the window for pickup was confirmed, Pinsapo was with the Cavalia show in Winnipeg, Canada. Dates were confirmed, paperwork completed, Pinsapo performed in his last show on a Sunday evening and was loaded on the trailer Monday morning.Just before loading a sizable crowd assembled to hug Pinsapo and say au revoir. This horse was truly loved by the Cavalia staff and performers.

A big thank you to the Cavalia staff who were great to work with and to Shonna for trusting Carousel Trails with her new companion.

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